Jazz Nights with Rann Berry

JAZZ NIGHTS Friday, April 13th with Rann Berry (guitar/vocals), Justin Gibbery (piano), Stefan Bienz (bass) and Trevor Salloum (drums)
8-10pm $15/10 Students

Muninn’s Post 575 Bernard Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y 6N9 778-478-7010
Web Site: https://jazznightskelowna.wordpress.com/
Muninn’s Post: http://www.muninnspost.com/

Rann Berry, along with bandmates Justin Glibbery (Keyboards ) and Stefan Bienz (Bass ), join Trevor Salloum (Drums ) for a night of of pop, soul and original music. “We are embarking on a new musical adventure” explains Rann Berry.

The new set includes some very cool renditions of classic songs from many genres, as well some new Adult / Alt original tunes.

Berry adds, ” If you’ve seen any of our shows… ” The One Hit Wonders “, ” The Soul of Motown ” or ” The Time Machine…Back to the 80’s “, then I’m sure you’ll dig this new stripped down heartfelt thing we do ”

Rann BerryOur sponsors: Johnson Meir Insurance, Dr. Grant Pagdin (Pagdin Health), Harmony Honda, Mission Creek Dental, DiStefano Jaud Architecture, Glow Juicery Kelowna, Kelowna Inn & Suites, Anonymous Patron, Minuteman Press Penticton, Darren Jones Photography and Muninn’s Post.


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